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How to Create Effective Link Wheel for Better Ranking in Search Engines?   5 comments

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I believe link building is one of the most rapidly evolving SEO strategies than anything else. From email request for reciprocating links to creating effective link wheels, SEOs are experimenting everything that can promise better ranking in short time with valuable boost up in SERP. However, we know that links are essential and one strong factor that have direct influence in our website placement. Therefore, link building techniques and evolving strategies should be well studied and implemented.

Link Wheel:

In short period link wheel has erupt as a strong and a promising link building technique among webmasters and search engine optimizers. However, it is also one struggling link building technique in SEO because many SEOs believe that it is highly promising link building strategy whereas many others argues that it is completely a black hat technique where you deceive search engines showing your money site a hub and more valued. Nevertheless, in this post, we are not discussing about its hat’s color rather I will be pointing out how link wheel is build according to SEO professionals.


Building Link Wheel:

Building link wheel is easy and can be done in instant, but all you need is some fresh content for the spokes.

  • Choose the number of spokes you want to build for your wheel. Where; Spokes are the number of web 2.0 properties i.e. the websites like: WordPress, Blogger, Squidoo, Ezine articles etc.
  • Let us say you want four spokes in your link wheel then you will be writing four unique and fresh contents for these four web 2.0 properties and post them in your four spokes that is web 2.0 properties.
  • Now, you will link these entire web 2.0 articles making a one-way link structure.
  • Pass one link of your Squidoo article to your main website or blog and the other link of Squidoo article to WordPress. Again, pass one link of WordPress to your main website and blog, whereas, the other link goes to the Blogger and so on.
  • In this way, your main website or blog will be getting one-way links from every other web 2.0 properties page. However, it is better to use at least 6 to 24 spokes in your wheel and not less or more than that.


Although, you create your page on high-ranking web 2.0 properties, but at first the pages ranks zero. Yet, it is fruitful than engaging your own website and blog because pages of such web 2.0 properties are more likely to get high page ranks in short time period than your newly launched websites. Furthermore, even if they are not ranked for certain time and cannot pass you the link juice but it can drive quality traffic to you website that is more essential than a page ranks. You can also use article-submitting directories like and to post unique content and link them to your page on Squidoo so that it can gain the page rank soon. however, if you are too tired of writing original contents than simply link to your Squidoo page with social bookmarking websites like or which is equally helpful.

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Building Habits for Effective SEO and Quality Links   Leave a comment

Link building is a crucial part of Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) and often regarded as a sturdy job. Usually, what is seen more often in practice is, a webmaster approaches for link exchange campaign only if he loses his rankings, if everything is going well, he hardly think for launching any link campaign. However, this is not a good approach for link exchange and often it leads to failure. Link exchange campaign for generating quality links to your website should be an on going practice. Moreover, the best thing I can tell you is, “Make a habit”, and quit assuming link exchange as a year festival.

In this post, I will be mentioning about some great benefits for making link exchange; a habit. Although, the tips you will find in this post are hardly SEO related, but it is a building brick for an effective SEO campaign.


  • Write Informative Content:

Content writing is one of the boring jobs and if you have a blogger than you are more likely to suffer. However, there are several benefits of content writing, but the benefit of quality content writing is simply huge and long lasting. Thus, we do not focus on content writing rather quality content writing. You are well aware of benefits of content writing, therefore, you are aware also well aware that not writing means you will not be ranking because search engine monster favorite dish is the quality content with originality.

So, do not write because you know you have to, rather write occasionally but the masterpiece. Quality content helps to avoid many other SEO tasks like link building because when you have masterpiece you do not have to launch a link campaign but other will link to you. Therefore, make a habit of writing and it is highly suggested to write when you have read enough.

  • Learn to Socialize Online:

Socializing is essential to run a business because it helps you to be in contact with people that can help you promote your business and update you regularly about the niche. There are various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc, which can be a golden platform for you to build your own network and socialize.

Furthermore, it is also very essential to join other forms, interact in the blogs because this all brings you quality links, and make other bloggers and webmaster share your content and promote your business and brand. Thus, it is highly suggested to build a habit of socializing.

  • Joining Online Organizations:

A good place to find out necessary information and updates is simply by joining top online organizations of your niche. Although, some websites costs you little for joining the organization but it can be huge benefit in a long run. Such organizations help you to find out the latest news of your niche, contact other successful people of your niche, promote your brand, noticed by thousands and even some allows links to your website.

Therefore, find such online reputed organizations on your niche and join them, if you need to pay some for the entrance and you find it worth paying than there is no harm doing so. Making your habit of joining and interacting with the people in such, online organizations can give you huge benefits and boost your online business and its brand name.

  • Interacting with Commentators:

If you own a blog for your website than there must be people who comment on your posts and interacts with you. Although, it is not easy to answer all the commentators in your blog but selecting appropriate commentators and interacting with them can pay you good. Find those who are looking for solutions and remark them who are regular. It is always the best idea to solve the problems of your commentators so there remains the possibility that he/she will later talk about your blog in his/her community and other blogs that helps you to get notice in mass.

Similarly, find who is regular in your blog; there is always a high chance that the regular commentators are the one who own a blog that shares a common theme with you. Such, bloggers are the one who are more likely to publish your article in their blog and help you gain traffic and pass quality links without any effort. Hence, make your habit of interacting with your commentators, if you are busy than do it the other day but never ignore them because it simply gives them a bad impression and soon you will lose quality readers in your blog.

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SEO Tips for Optimizing Website’s Internal Links   3 comments


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all base on links because the only means of crawling contents and websites for Googlebots and other search engines robots is the link. Therefore, how your website ranks in the SERP and your SEO health of your website highly depends on your generated links of your website. Although, links defines of various kind but in this post we will be discussing about the internal links of your website and its SEO optimization to boost your website ranking SERP.

SEO Tips for Optimizing Website’s Internal Links

  • Virtual Siloing:

Virtual Siloing is a very crucial yet an effective tool of Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) and promising SEO technique for optimizing your websites internal links for both search engines and traffic. Virtual Siloing is a process of interlinking with your websites content that speaks same subject. Virtual Siloing is one great way to optimize your contents and internal links for search engines and web traffic because it helps search engines to crawl through only those contents of your website that relates to one particular theme and helps your website to get easily index and appear in better placement of SERP.

  • Anchor Text:

Anchor text optimization is another crucial part of Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) because your anchor text in the links holds a great weight for search engines. Although, many webmasters are usually encountered using unrelated anchor text to their links like “Click Here” and “More” etc which is not only irrelevant to the links and its subject but it also offers no definite idea to your users where the link will navigate them. Hence, it is highly recommended to use quality anchor text to your links that are relevant to the page. For instance, if you wanted to direct your users from a “Cheese” content to “Pizza Recipe” than it is better to use “Pizza Recipe Tips” etc. that is equally helpful to users as well as the search engines.

  • Repetition of Linking:

Google and search engines seeks for quality results to satisfy their users so they always refine their search result by omitting repetition of same content so that users can have multiple choices. Therefore, it is highly SEO unfriendly to link a particular content repeatedly from same page because Googlebots will crawl the same content with no fresh and new subject. Hence, they simply ignore your content if you have such linking repetition and place your content low on the SERP. Hence, for better effectiveness of your SEO exercise in your website and blog I suggested to avoid such interlinking practices.


  • Sitemap:

Sitemap is another highly recommended SEO tool for your website and is highly effective for making search engines crawl your website and blogs more precisely. Sitemaps provides link to each and every content of your website in a managed way that it makes crawling ease for search engines and index your website swiftly and more promptly. Furthermore, sitemap also helps your users to locate your content in your website that is without sitemap a frustrating task especially if your website contains thousands of pages.

  • Optimizing Broken Links:

One big reason why we often see websites lose their ranking and placement from SERP is because of broken links. Websites that contains more than thousand pages also has the risk of encountering broken links due to some errors and if ignored by webmaster and SEO’s search engines fails to crawl your contents because links are only the means for search engines to crawl from content to content and websites to websites. Hence, it is very essential to watch website interlinks and maintain them if you encounter them broken. Moreover, you can also use various software’s online available for finding out the broken links in your website which is relief giving especially if you run a website that contains thousands of pages.

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Link Exchange: Google Priorities over Links in Websites   3 comments

In our last post, I mentioned about some frequently observed link exchange practice that ultimately hurts your search engine ranking and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. And as promised this post will giving you some healthy SEO tips about link exchange and their grades from Google and other search engines.

Although, many SEO’s disagree when I say page rank is the entertainment value given by Google and nothing else but many well known SEO’s believes this because we have by experience found that page rank is only the part of algorithm for entertainment. Many websites that ranks below 4 are often seen to appear in the first place of the SERP but websites with page rank 6 simply seen struggling in the 5th page.

So, what really matters and worth fighting for is the placement and not the page rank. If your content are well managed and siloed that can quench the search engine’s users need than your website has high possibility of ranking on the first page then those who stand with better page rank but poor content quality.

link_exchangeTherefore, I would always suggest everyone to launch a link exchange campaign base on your best judgment but not just refereeing the Google’s entertainment value. If you are skilled with SEO techniques than there are many ways to determine the quality and if you are not than simply going through the content of the website, some meta tags and title parts, link partners and looking at the silo they practice for their content can truly help you understand the websites quality and judge whether it’s worth linking to or not.

Google Priorities over Links in Websites:

  • Link Exchange with Similar Theme:

Links are valuable asset of your website and one strong factor for Google and search engines to judge you. So, it is always better to link with those websites that has at least something in common with your website. Linking to similar theme website can only help you gain quality link support but it will also make your visitors and clients to worth clicking those links. For instance, your website is about Fender guitar but you are linking to a casino website than there is no relevancy and clicking and crawling those links makes no sense for your users and Google but if you link to a website that sells amplifiers then it is lot more relevant then a casino site.

  • Testimonial Links:

One of the best quality links that Google adores is the testimonial link. Testimonial links that appears in the text content inside the paragraph that speaks about keywords and relevant information’s with a suitable anchor text on it. For instance, you own a website that sells Fender Guitars and some other website that links to your website from its informative content within the paragraph with a better anchor text that suits your website theme than such links are of high value. Testimonial links are considered to be the whole lot of link equity and the best one you can get.


So, what really matters and worth fighting for is the placement and not the page rank. If your content are well managed and siloed that can quench the search engine’s users need than your website has high possibility of ranking on the first page then those who stand with better page rank but poor content In the picture above, the link Data Recovery is a testimonial link from the content paragraph.

  • ccTLD Link Exchange:

ccTld links means country code top level domain links and such links are extremely valued if your website is hosted from some other place but you run your website from some other part of the globe. For instance, you run your Guitar website from US but your Guitar site is at Australia and your website is hosted from Australian server.

In such case, it is very necessary to have links from your own place with the country code. If not all then make at least try to make some. It really helps your website to achieve better ranking and placement in search engines and using such links can make your website trustworthy for your visitors. Example: Your website from Australian server than you need some good links from URL like:

  • Linking with .edu and .gov websites:

I still remember back in year 98-99 my SEO master told me that linking to websites with .edu and .gov makes no sense and its better not to link request with them. But, time has changed and so the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ways. Today, linking to these websites are highly honored by Google and search engines because it is one of those links that are very hard to obtain and are purely kind of educational and research oriented which is one of the major factor why Google loves such websites rather than sells promoting one. Such top-level domains are considered highly authoritative and passes message to Search Engines that your affiliation has something better in it. So, if you can then it’s better to grab some links from such websites.

I strongly suggest you to make your best judgment for link exchange and avoid all the flaws like buying and selling links or linking to unrelated websites. A healthy link exchange program with a well managed content and SEO optimized website can truly help your placement and ranking in long run.

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SEO Research Tips Over Link Building Practices to Avoid   1 comment

Promoting your brand name and selling your products and services online needs better placement of your website in SERP. And to fight for placements you need to have some quality backups and that are not just quality content and enticing web designs. Links are essential but here we are talking not just about links but “SEO Links” because links generated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) dominance gives your better ranking and visibility and not just links.

SEO links are those links which are built with organic SEO ways. For instance, collection of links in a page that is above hundred or linking back to websites that doesn’t have a clue about your products and services they are just links built to hammer your own SEO performance and nothing else. Even today, it’s not hard to find quality websites with quality content listed at the end of the SERP because what they have created is links that comes from another world.

In general, links are the votes for your websites voted by other websites that signifies search engines and Google that your website has quality to meet the web surfers search query with the content in any particular keyword or key phrases that your website serves. Thus, search engines provides you with an authority to serve the search engines users’ for your definite purpose that can be selling products and services or simply providing research documents and other educational files or anything that your websites works on. The authority is the visibility and the placement of your website.

So, these votes or links matters to search engine robots but what are more crucial for them are the voters ID. Just like a vote from below 18 or an immigrant is not qualified similarly a vote or link from a website that has nothing to do with your website theme are considered unqualified.

Avoiding Links from Bad Neighborhood:

* Link Farms:

One of the links that you should always avoid is links that comes from link farms. Link farms are the link pages of those websites that practices unhealthy links album and never monitoring them. For instance, a web page that contains more than 100 links in a single link page and many of them are broken links. Link farm can be those websites too who are busy managing too many links from unrelated websites and the purpose of doing so is to gain the index ranking of their website. Link farming or being affiliated with link farms is considered to be unlawful from Google and search engine’s guidelines and highly increases the risk of getting penalize for spam generation.

Furthermore, if you are including more than 25 links in a page than I suggest you to make it below 25 because it is the best SEO technique for maintaining your quality links in your website plus Google and search engines do not weight such pages with great value but if you are practicing some kind of link farm or affiliated than its better to avoid such workouts and maintain your proper link campaign so that your website wont be stamped as spam from search engines.

* Selling and Buying Links:

Selling or buying links are often heard and are common in practice. But, such practices are seriously considered as a violation of Google guidelines and can lead you to disaster. Selling and buying links purpose is to earn money for passing your page rank and buyers need them badly to rank better. A new website directly linking from a 6/10 with no better relevancy can be considered buying links and such workouts can hurt you. There are many stories and websites that have been delisted from Google’s and other major search engines index for performing such activities. Hence, it’s better to follow the healthy and SEO traditional way of link building.

But, in case of handing the advertising links there are SEO ways to keep you from committing such unlawful activities like you can use “rel=no follow” for preventing search engines to follow such links but allowing users to see the ads in your web pages.

* Incestuous Links:

Practice of incestuous linking is very common and many webmasters practice such link building but depending upon your website and its size and brand your link strategies are considered legal and illegal. Incestuous linking is a webmaster linking to various websites that either their own property or linking to your friends websites.

Some websites with a large network often link within themselves like: > > etc. they are simply interlinking with one another which should be wrong and get spam from Google but no for such huge networks it’s okay because the purpose of doing so is different than what a small websites does. Such websites with large network practice so not for page rank but for branding purposes and for credibility. But, in the other hand if Google finds a small website practicing such activities then they are likely to be penalized.


Participating in any of above mentioned link strategies can lead to serious consequences and I strongly suggest my readers and everyone to avoid such workouts. Such link practices can delist your website from Google and Yahoo or any other search engine’s result page and are very unhealthy practice of SEO.

I hope this post was clear enough to aware you to avoid some common link exchange practices that are unhealthy from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view and can hurt you and your web page in a long run. In our next post I will be mentioning about some good ways of link building and Google’s priorities on them.

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Ask the Expert: 5 Link Building Predictions for 2011   7 comments



We are a week closer to 2011 and with the celebration of the New Year there are many thoughts that are put into the schedule for the betterment and some people do have New Year resolution too. I don’t know what is yours but I am planning to quit smoking like I have always planned from the first year of my smoking class. Similarly, in SEO and web marketing niche there are some resolutions that SEO’s are planning and some predictions to hit Search Engine Optimization in 2011.

Kristi Hines is an Internet Marketing Specialist with Vertical Measures focusing in link building services, and author of Kikolani which covers blogging and social networking. And she is also a one of the well known donor of creative articles on Search Engine Journal and loves to share her views and experience among her readers. Let’s see what she has forecasted for Link Exchange and its ways in the year 2011.

  • Kristi Hines:

There are lots of posts circulating about predictions for social media, Internet marketing, blogging, and more for 2011.  So, without further ado, let’s look at some predictions specifically for link building.

1. Less use of keyword-based anchor text, more use of brand names.

With the recent penalization of sites possibly due to over-optimized anchor text, and the Mayday changes that led to brand dominance in search results, link building efforts will probably start to target brand / business names more than keyword anchor text.  This will also be especially helpful for online reputation management, as online review sites are moving up in importance as well.

2. Less focus on quantity, more focus on quality.

Google is working harder to weed out low quality sites which, in the process, will lead to the loss of links from these high volume sources.  Link building strategies should focus more on high quality, relevant linking opportunities so those links will go the distance.  Now the next question is, what will determine quality in the New Year?

3. Less emphasis on PageRank, more emphasis on authority.

With the rumored death of PageRank due to the lack of updates in the last half of 2010, link valuation is turning to mozTrust, Domain Authority, and Page Authority.  I have already had clients preferring these metrics over PageRank, and I’m sure that the trend will continue.  Especially now that SEO tools are starting to incorporate mozRank and doing away with PageRank.


4. Less links to the homepage, more links to the content.

Let the link bait roar!  Content development and marketing is growing at a rapid rate, and along with it are the opportunities to build links to internal pages with amazing content instead of homepages or product pages.

5. Less concern about rankings, more concern about conversions.

More clients are starting to integrate analytics analysis into their SEO plans so instead of just getting a set number of links every month or being told that their rankings have moved from #5 to #4, they will want to hear that their conversions have increased for keywords that their clients have been searching for.  Because there is no ROI if you are building links to a keyword that has no commercial value.

Bonus one! Less need for dofollow, more need social mentions.

It’s no longer just a theory that social media is influencing search engines. Google and Bing both are considering social mentions as a part of their ranking algorithm, particularly Twitter and Facebook.  These links that used to be deemed worthless for SEO due to their nofollow value are now being counted for positive sentiment toward a brand or website.  It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that other nofollow authority sites like Wikipedia carry more weight than previously thought.

Author: Kristi Hines -Posted by: Kiran Bista. Article Source: SEJ

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4 Must Link Building Guidelines for B2B Companies to Apply   Leave a comment


Building links are very crucial in Google and is the same with other search engines. If you are lacking quality links then your SEO efforts are most likely to be in vain. But, link building is not that simple when it comes to B2B companies and the market being small when compared to B2C getting quality links can be tough. But, in other hand B2B companies being small cuts the necessity of accumulating huge quantity of links too because even your competitor will be going through link crisis. Hence, there are some solutions that can be fruitful for B2B companies and is worth involving in.

As we know that, B2B has a small market compared to B2C so it is better if you create your own links rather than finding one. B2B companies itself needs to be the reason to generate links because finding links in the market returns low quantity. So, some ways to attract links are:

4 Must Link Building Guidelines for B2B Companies:

Ø Start Blogging:

Blogging is very effective and has lots of potentials but it is also something that consumes your time and effort. Blogging being dynamic websites of information Google and search engines adores them and this is why blogging is essential. So, I strongly propose you to start your own blog and start building your networks among your community. Find some list of B2B blogs and start making logical and reasonable comments in their post but don’t just spam. Be regular reader and slowly you will be noticed with your blog and people will start to interact with you. And in this way you can create your own channel for your article distribution. Post some articles of your fellow blogger in your own blog and later ask them to post yours in their blog.

Furthermore, you can also simply contact the blog owner requesting them to post their articles in your blog because B2B blogs are always in need of quality content and if you have one then there is no way that they will deny your request but it is always better to be noticed at first and then start your campaign. (SEO Blogging)

Some B2B Blogs with Google Page Rank above 4

Blogs Page Rank Blogs Page Ranks 6 b2bmemes 4 4 ask.enquiro 4
brandingstrategyinsider 6 askjustinhitt 4
heavyhittersales.typepad 4 b2blog 5
achievemarketleadership 4 pacifica-group 4
directimpactnow 5 b2bemailmarketing 6
chooseamc 5 b2bbranddebate 4 4 blog.echoquote 4
buildasalesmachine 4 briansolis 6

Ø Content that can Burn:

Content writing is an effective way of generating links but the quantity and the quality of the links that you will receive are determined by the information that you include in your content. Content writing is something that everyone seems to be doing but quality content with a powerful rage is the one that attracts the huge links with the quality that you can really boost your ranking. Hence, just don’t write what comes in your mind or what everyone has been selling but produce something very unique and informative that can burn. I suggest you to do some homework before you really start writing and do all the necessary studies so that you can produce something which is informative and directly focus your targeted audience. Many good ranking B2B blogs are there who are looking for quality content so at least you should be writing something that will meet their needs. (SEO Content Writing)


Ø Wikipedia and Social Networks:

Wikipedia has a huge possibility for link building and it’s worth participating for building your reputation, generating quality traffic and quality links. Wikipedia is a free library that has thousands of readers so posting you content in Wikipedia can truly attract huge traffic and reputation to your business. Furthermore, the possibility of other bloggers to publish your content in their blog is also high and it simply reduces the effort of searching blogs and requesting for publishing your content.

Similarly, being active in social networking websites are very fruitful and is something that shouldn’t be missed. Websites like: Digg, Facebook and Twitter can really help you boost your B2B networks and build relationships that can later pay you quality links and content etc. (Social Media Marketing)

Ø Talk to Your Suppliers:

Ask your suppliers to write something about your company in their blog or website and request them to highlight your website. Writing about the makings of your products and machineries can help your supplier to add a good content in their website that talks about their professionalism and mentioning about your company can highlight you. But, don’t forget to link with the content and sooner or later you will also be receiving link exchange request from other B2B companies because your suppliers has a huge network and it simply doesn’t serve your company but many. Hence, in this way you can even utilize your supplier’s website for your building your own network and collecting quality links.

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