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List of 5 Best Free SEO tools for Search Engine Optimization   8 comments

We do not know the two hundred secrets of Google, but it absolutely does not mean that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a hunching and guessing game. However, if your SEO menu lacks the vertical column; obviously the SEO tools, than I do not think you are even closer to real SEO optimization. SEO tools are essential for making a logical optimization because even to follow a well-practiced optimization like using keyword rich anchor text and including keywords in title tags, we might find it easy at initial with some reference from SEO articles, but at the end SEO tools becomes crucial and best optimizing means to enhance our website ranking in SERP.

Thus, SEO tools rarely free and costs sometimes more than what we expected, and especially the small business organizations often find themselves in big trouble. Hence, in this post, I will include some of the best SEO tools that have prescribed by many professional SEOs and are Free!

List of 5 Best Free SEO tools for Search Engine Optimization:

Google Webmaster:

Google webmaster is a free SEO tools center for webmasters that provides huge information’s about your websites SEO health. All you need is a Gmail account to reach your SEO backbone. Google webmaster provides you all the information about the website’s backlinks, highly occurred keywords in your content with its variations, crawl errors, HTML suggestions and many more. If you are not aware about this amazing and free SEO tool than I think, you should rush now.


SEOmoz is one of the highly reputed SEO software developers in Search Engine Optimization community and it also offers free SEO services for users, but at some extent. SEOmoz requires nothing to use their free tools, but a little sign up process. SEOmoz offers varieties of SEO tools with huge information for optimization, from SEO toolbars to backlinks comparison of yours and competitors website.  However, SEOmoz does not list its every tool in free catalog. Hence, if you wish than you can even upgrade your account.

Open Site Explorer:

Open site explorer is a branch of SEOmoz and it is another effective SEO tool for checking your link popularity and analyzing backlinks. SEOmoz and Open site explorer being same at the root, it enables your access in both websites with same login information. Hence, you don’t have to login twice to use these amazing tools. Furthermore, open site explorer helps you to find out the keywords that your competitor use the most while building links, such information can be best tips for optimizing your
websites against your competitors in your niche.


Bruce Clay is one of the respected figures in the SEO niche and he is also the author of a book called “Search Engine Optimization for Dummies”.  If you want to read and learn something good on SEO than I think this book should do well for you. Besides, if you are looking for a free SEO tool that has no hassle of signing up and allows instant result than Bruce Clay website SEOtoolset can be your ultimate. His website offers free SEO tools focused for both professionals and amateurs because you can even find a tool that helps you generate the source code of any webpage.


If SEOtoolset didn’t satisfied your hunger and you are wondering for any other free SEO tool that needs no signup and can have a trouble free access than I think Alexa can meet your need. Alexa offers great information about websites by simply searching your desired website in the search box and clicking details tab, it can generate you the bouncing rate of the website, top search queries, site backlinks etc. However, if you want to audit your website using this SEO tool than you have to pull little cash from your wallet.

I hope the post on free SEO tools was helpful to all my readers. Will come with something new and better in our next post.

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6 Essential Google Adwords Tips for Beginners.   2 comments

Google Adwords is one highly recommended SEO tool for generating quality traffic to your website and boost your online businesses. And it is also one complicated experimental tool that needs proper tests to determine the best result. However, for new users of Google Adwords it might be confusing and often a waste of money because they simply fail to get the most out of this amazing tool and often end up losing money, time and traffic at the same time. Hence, in this post, I will be mentioning about some wise practices of Google Adwords for beginners and those who wants the best results out of this amazing SEO tool.


  • Target Your Audience:

Targeting the right audience is one effective way to utilize your Adwords campaign for greater success. Thus, target your campaign by selecting the appropriate region and language. For instance, targeting your Ads among those audiences who do not understand English is always a bad idea. Similarly, you can also avoid those regions where your ads are not much welcome, like advertising Western wedding dresses in eastern regions—you are hardly going make any sales.

  • Using Keywords:

Keyword plays a crucial role in the success of your campaign. Using broad keywords can lead to campaign failure, especially if you are new to Adwords. Hence, optimizing your ads with relevant keywords that exactly defines your product and the searchers is highly recommended to employ. For instance, if your keyword is wedding dress than your ad is likely to pop out any time when searchers uses the keyword in any order. Although, it might be helpful for huge organizations and experienced ones, but it is not to be practiced if you are new to Google Ads.

  • Testing:

Testing is one effective way to trace your important keywords that can help you generate quality clickers. Thus, it should be done simultaneously and performed regularly. Use at least two ads simultaneously which is also known as A/B split testing. It helps you to determine in which ad you get the quality traffic and helps you to omit the use of unfertile ads. A/B split testing should be performed regularly, as it is the key for tracing the best ad that suits your products and services.

  • Including Ads with Keywords:

Always include your targeted keywords in your ads by placing them in the title and description. When your searchers scan the result, your keywords are highlighted which helps to drive the attention of your users. Such ads with included keywords in the title and the description are more likely to earn quality traffic and ROI. Furthermore, it is also highly suggested to include words that excite the searchers. For instance, using “Free” “Sale” “Discounts” etc motivates your users to visit you.

  • Cut and Paste Words:

Words or the sentences that help you to define your business, which outstand you from your compititors, should be included. Such tag lines can sometime work more than your targeted keywords. For instance, Amazon includes the “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore”, it simply gives searchers a reason to click. Using such taglines or USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is an effective method to boost your Adwords campaign. Furthermore, avoid using stop words that simply dilutes your ads like on, in, at, a, etc.

  • Optimize Your Landing Page:

Your Adwords campaign is highly interlinked with your landing page and optimizing your campaign is very essential. When your drive searchers from your ads to your landing page, it is extremely important to have an optimized and highly relevant page that gives the perfect impression to your visitors. The main goal of Google Adwords is to drive quality traffic to your website and if you fail because of poor landing page than your entire campaign is in loss. Thus, optimize your page with necessary information for visitors and provide them with links to keep them busy with their needs.

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5 SEO Tips for E-Commerce Websites   1 comment


Search Engine Optimization is essential for any website and blog that want to list itself in the SERP. No matter, if your website sales products or information SEO very crucial and is the only option for getting better visibility in the search engines. However, for e-commerce websites visibility and search engine ranking is the most because it is only the place where they can get better conversions.

Therefore, to keep their SEO efforts up to date and maintain their placement in the SERP, e-commerce website should always focus for strong SEO strategies. So, in this post, I will be mentioning about some SEO tips that every e-commerce and other websites should follow for better ranking and maintain their Google placement.

5 SEO Tips for E-Commerce Websites:

  • Optimize Your Landing Page:

Optimizing your landing page is essential because the landing page is the first impression to your website traffic and visitors. So, optimizing landing pages for traffic and Google becomes vital for conversions. Thus, create a unique and a user-friendly landing page with effective call to action buttons and provide a better location. However, for search engines, your landing page should not embed with heavy graphics and flash, but the most essential thing is the links and the supporting pages of your landing page because Google gives better credit if these things are well organized.

Support every landing page with at least five pages below and it is important that those pages be highly related to the landing page. Organizing your website in this way helps search engines to determine the exact theme and crawl deep. It also helps your visitors to get engage with the contents, adds extra knowledge about your product, reduce the bouncing rate and give better conversions.

  • Links on the Landing Page:

Google and other search engines counts only one link if there are multiple links directing to the same content and page. However, it is common to in e-commerce landing page that any product contains multiple links, but focused in the same page. Generally, e-commerce website provides a link-image of the product and then describes the product below the image with another link. Nevertheless, both the links targets the same page where the customer can locate the detail about the product. In addition, it is SEO un-friendly because the Google gives credits to only one link and since the image is above the anchor text, your image gets all the link credit and no matter how effective keywords you have used for the anchor text, you do not receive any SEO benefits.


Hence, it is always better if you avoid such practices because search engines are blind and cannot read your image or neither your image has anything so SEO compelling like the anchor text. Yet, if you do not want to use the text above the image than CSS can help you with its absolute positioning option. With absolute positioning, you can simply write the text above the image so that the search engines crawls the codes first and not the image but in the real page the image appears above the text.

  • Effective Singular-Plural Keywords:

Using effective keywords in the title of your page helps search engines know what the page is about and that is similar with the searchers too. Your page title is what conveys your visitors a message about the page content. However, they are some products that have higher searches in the plural versions and not in the singular.

For instance, search for ‘Digital SLR Cameras’ has a huge search in Google but very few for ‘Digital SLR Camera” so, if your landing page of digital SLR camera title is being optimized with singular version then you have already lose thousands of web visitors and hundreds of conversions. Hence, it is very essential to use both so that you do not lose any possibility and can appear in the SERP with both the keywords.

  • Do Optimize for Buying Keywords:

We often focus on the major keywords and key terms that are more likely to use by searchers in Google and other major search engines, but there are also other terms that are used rarely yet it defines the real buyers. For instance, if you are selling Nokia Mobile phones than it is no wrong to optimize for “Nokia Cell Phones” but it will be blunder if you simply ignore “N 95 black” or something like that because the first keyword is highly used and highly competitive however used by window shoppers and not the real buyers.

In addition, in other hand, the later keyword is highly used by the real buyers who are more likely to make an online purchase and less competitive in your niche. Hence, it is no wise to focus on the highly competitive keywords rather it is better to optimize your pages for buyer’s keywords too that can do it in little SEO efforts.

  • Make Updates and Linking:

Updating is another important factor on SEO and is the best way to tell search engines that the webmaster and the website are still breathing. Another important reason to update your website is that it compels search engines to crawl your webpage frequently. Therefore, it is very essential to update your content at least once a week. You can use you customers feed back for the updates or if your website contains a blog than regular updates of your blog gives you the best and it also helps to drive more traffic every day.

Furthermore, it is extremely important that your pages are not located so far from the landing page because search engines simply avoid the content if they are four or more click away. Thus, maintain your pages near to the landing page and do check regularly for broken links and their optimization.

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SEO Essential Techniques for New Websites to Launch Better   1 comment

Launching a website for your business is easy and it merely costs you much, however if you are planning to hit the first page in Google and other major search engines; you might see your target blur and feel exhausted just sitting by your computer table. Well, implementing effective SEO strategies to boost your website is not an easy task, but there is nothing to fear as well. There are many jaw dropping success stories that even sometimes, a professional SEO, feels sorry when he memorizes his starting phases.

Hence, if you are newcomer in online marketing, own a new and shiny website than I will help you with your Google ranking because in this post, I will show you the SEO best practiced methods that will simply cut all the unnecessary hassle and gives you the best you deserve.


  • Domain Registration:

If you have already registered your domain than just be sure it advertises your business. SEO effective domain name is crucial for effective SEO implements because it matters search engines and the web traffic. Using long domains creates confusion in web visitors and chances are high they do not remember your name even if they want to locate you in Google. Hence, find something short and remarkable.

Furthermore, avoid using underscores and too many hyphens in the domain because it simply confuses your visitors and even search engines do not like it much. Use domain that is unique and defines your business or is synonyms. Search engines crawls your websites URL so it is always a good idea to avoid unnecessary words and implement SEO effective URL.

  • Set the Goal and Assets:

Setting the website goal is very crucial and something often misunderstood. Many webmasters often launch their website, but later they realize; what they are advertising is not what they really wanted. It can also happen to your website, so it is better to work out now rather than to regret later. Find the core goal and not just the surficial. If you have figured out your core motive, stick on it and do not try to be a website that is jack of all, but master of none.

Search engines tend to reward those websites and blogs that speak one language of content i.e. wedding cards, wedding cards, wedding cards, if you are on a wedding card business. Hence, whenever you add any new content in your website let it be about the wedding card.

Furthermore, adding assets is adding quality content that demonstrates your skills and talents are very essential, as it will serve your website as a highly worth content because readers and web surfers always wants the best out of the listed one in SERP. Thus, if your quality and creativity outstand you from the herd; you do not need any SEO efforts for running and performing your online business.

  • Keywords and Key-Phrases:

It is very essential to include your keywords in your content and maintain the density. Your used keywords and key-phrases is what that tells search engines the core theme of your website. Google and search engines assumes that, a highly repeated word in the content should be the keyword that the website should be indexed because when you mention about web designing in your content frequently than the topic you are discussing should be web designing and not about pizza recipes. Hence, implementing keywords and key-phrases in your website content is essential and webmasters should be very aware of the content-keyword and SEO effective keyword implementation.

Using appropriate keyword density and keyword frequency is essential but I highly suggest you to avoid using unnecessary implementation of  keywords because it leads to keyword stuffing and that is a crime in search engine marketing.

  • Blog:

Blogging is another essential thing that you cannot ignore if your target is the first page of Google. Blogging has enormous benefits for better ranking and driving quality visitors is key of blogging , so, I highly recommend you to blog as much as you can because spreading your quality content with this magical dynamic page can drive huge traffic to your website.

Furthermore, blogging is one way of showing your expertise in your business and collecting quality content under your domain. Hence, the more quality content you have Google and search engine believes you to be the most reliable. Similarly, blogging can also help you find dependable bloggers network in your niche that can help you to promote, build quality links and exchange ideas and experience. You can use WordPress as a blogging platform because WordPress is one of the best places for blogging and is highly SEO friendly, even Google’s Matt Cutts has recommended it.

  • Website Silo:

Siloing website is a most effective SEO technique to boost website ranking and have effective index, but it is also one extremely ignored SEO strategy. Siloing your website is simply managing and categorizing the content of your website so that when search engines crawls the website they can easily determine the theme of your website without having any diluting confusions.

Siloing are of two types: Virtual Siloing and Physical Siloing, implementing any one of the Siloing can help your website rank effectively and is very essential if your website includes more than one subject. For instance, if your website sells wedding cards and birthday cards than Siloing helps search engines to know that your expertise are in both the keywords and key-phrases, thus the search engine ranks you accordingly. However, in the absence of proper Siloing in a website, the content of the websites get mixed up and search engines and even your visitors will have a hard time to figure out your actual theme and goal of your website.


  • Building Links:

Links are the vote for your website and quality links helps search engines to assume that your website has valuable content, thus other website links to you. Although, at times, many SEO’s criticizes the links but link is an essential and should not be underestimated so always try to acquire links from those websites that shares a common theme and avoid unethical link building techniques any link buying or link farming strategies which can harm your website in a long run. Launching effective press releases, adding quality contents, building reciprocal links are very essential and should be perform time to time.

All the above-mentioned points are essential techniques of SEO and must not be omitted at any cost. Implementing these five SEO strategies to your website can boost your ranking and placement.

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How to Design SEO Effective Call to Action Button for Landing Page?   4 comments

There are various reasons to launch a website. What is yours? May be you have a product to sell? A desire to go global or create a trustworthy brand name. You might want to entertain your users or may be update them with a world breaking news. Whatever is your reason and however you offer; there is always something you expect your visitors to do when they step in. What is it? And how you want them to do? You can’t simply upload an audio that says “Hey! Buy my products… Buy my products” if you have something interesting to sell. So, how do you do this online?

Well, call to action is a powerful button used in landing page to grab the customer’s attention. These buttons are placed in your webpage in such a way that without creating any marketing stress to your visitors you can simply appeal them to act accordingly. But, how you do this is an art. So, in this post I will be discussing about some important ways to practice a healthy yet effective implementation of Call to action buttons in your landing page.

  • Goal:

It is very crucial to find out your goal and it’s not an easy task at all. If you are running a website that sells products and services than it doesn’t mean that you always need a call to action button that helps you to sell your products. Especially, if your website is new than you might want to find out your customers views about the product you is selling or their taste before fully dedicating your energy marketing your services? In such case, you might want to go for poll first.

Similarly, if you are a known brand of your product and have recently created a Facebook page and wants your customers and clients to participate so that you can have a stronger fan base than your call to action button will be something else. Thus, it is very essential to find out what your goal is and what you want your visitors and customers to do when they step in your landing page.

  • Language:

The language you use to direct your web visitors speaks your attitude. So, it is always suggested to use simple and polite language that pleases your visitors. Your message should be short and up to the point so that visitors can understand your call. Use polite words and describe what is there for them but always use these languages around your call to action button because the button itself should speak the exact verb of action like: “Buy Now” “Sign-up Now” “Join Us” etc.

In the image below you can see that how twitter has surround its “Sign Up” button with the description. It is simply describing what is there for its users and why should they sign up. Hence, I strongly suggest you to describe what your users and visitors are going to find within because that makes your website more user-friendly and it also helps to attract your visitors attention.


  • Design and Color:

Your website design and the background color plays very important role and is one important reason why often visitors avoids your purpose even after knowing what you are asking them to do. So, it is always better to use attractive and unique designs to your landing page. But, your extra emphasis should be given to your call to action button and use bright color and bold fonts so that in the entire page you leave a no chance for your visitors to miss you call.

The image below is from the Facebook and you can see that how they are using a light background so that they the dark text can be trouble free to read and the main call to action button is green which distinctive and easy to catch the eyes of the visitors.


  • Size:

Size is another important factor for launching an effective call to action button in your landing page. Your main focus is to make your call to action button notice among your visitors and web traffic so it is better to keep the size of your button of good one so that they get noticed. Using small call to action buttons increases the risk of being unnoticed and is hardly found appealing. So, use bigger buttons that suits your web page layouts and matches with all other elements of your page.

The image below is from download.cnet and in the entire page something that catches your eye is the download button that his big and uniquely designed. You can also see the font “Download Now” which is bigger than any other element of the page which no doubt catches the eyes of your visitors and customers.


  • Position:

Position is the key and something that if done wrongly can simply create loss of your time and effort of designing your landing page and reason to build an appealing call to action button. So, always place your button where the viewer’s eyes are more certain to hit. You can design and even ask your co-workers to help you find an appropriate place because what you see more obvious might not be the same with the other people.

The following image is from twitter and in the entire landing page you can see that how twitter has placed its call to to action button. The button is placed on the right hand side of the page entirely giving a unique color and the button of the page looks like a banner in the page. So, it no doubt catches the users eye and they simply by seeing can know their next step in the page.


Author: Kiran Bista.

5 SEO tips for Building Better Usability for your Website   Leave a comment



Website Usability is a crucial factor of web design and Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) because it tremendously helps you to gaining quality traffic and better conversion to your online business. In simple words, Website Usability is a building of a website that is highly user-friendly, easy navigator for users and search engines so it is also a key part of SEO tool for your online business promotion. Thus, for online businesses and websites it is critical for earning better traffic, building up their brand loyalty, gain conversions and attract wide possibilities of online marketing.

Hence, in this post I will be revealing some easy yet very effective SEO tips to maintain your website and shape your websites usability for attracting customers and designing your website highly search engine friendly.

  • Placement of Websites Element:

Your websites elements and their placement plays key role in your website usability because how those elements are placed defines your approach towards user-friendly website. Your main goal is to provide all the necessary information to the visitors so that they can understand your website theme at the first glance. Placing your websites elements neatly and at their respective places reduces highly the bouncing rate of your website because it simply won’t confuse your website visitors and make them click away from your website. Your visitors are looking for the information they need so wise thing is to give them right away and keep them engage. Place obvious items at their respective places especially where your visitors expect them to be and from every point make your products and services the core.

  • Easy Navigation:

Navigation is essential and it is worthy only if it provides an easy navigation to your visitors cutting all the hassle. It is always a wrong idea to go for a unique navigation process because it highly confuses your visitors. Unique design is better but not unique navigation. Find out what your competitors are doing and if they have something SEO healthy which is also effective for your traffic than its better to implement in your website. A better place to find out better navigation is to visit top shopping websites and if you are one of the shopping website than navigation is a very crucial part that should be made highly user friendly in order to gain conversions. Design an effective step-by-step process or it is better if you can make a one page checkout for your buyers. Avoid placing unnecessary forums and formalities for your clients.

  • Use Silo:

Siloing is very important to any website that wants to list better in search engines and is highly recommended by Search-Engine-Optimizers (SEO). Siloing helps your visitors and traffic to click one particular link that defines their need and then keep on going in until they find the exact product under the main product page. This amazingly helps your users because they won’t be distracted with other contents and the navigation is friendly for them. Similarly, Siloing also helps search engines to navigate your website and understand your theme and rank you better.


  • Website Loading Issue:

Your website loading issue is crucial and one factor that simply frustrates your visitors and traffic to click away without seeing the actual content of your website because your website loads slow. There can be various reasons for a slow loading website like: using heavy graphics, unfriendly use of flash, heavy and unmanaged contents, your user’s internet access etc. Hence, to avoid such problems it’s always better to use everything that is Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) recommended.

It is essential for your website to load within seconds and avoid unnecessary contents like: auto-playing audios. There are various ways to optimize your website to load better and faster so apply one and reduce your bouncing rate and increase the conversions.

  • Scrolling and Catching:

Scrolling is one factor that we often do in a blog or a website and it widely varies depending upon the page content of your website. Users don’t like to scroll too much rather they prefer to click and view another page. So, it is better to keep the length of your content appropriate that cuts the hassle of scrolling again and again.

Similarly, use images that are informative and of best quality to catch the eyes of your visitors. You website content is what holds your users to your website. Keep your videos short and always prefer to use YouTube because it extremely helps for vertical Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) because YouTube is highly search engine friendly and helps to crawl your content quickly plus your website won’t be slow to load because of heavy content.

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Link Exchange: Google Priorities over Links in Websites   3 comments

In our last post, I mentioned about some frequently observed link exchange practice that ultimately hurts your search engine ranking and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. And as promised this post will giving you some healthy SEO tips about link exchange and their grades from Google and other search engines.

Although, many SEO’s disagree when I say page rank is the entertainment value given by Google and nothing else but many well known SEO’s believes this because we have by experience found that page rank is only the part of algorithm for entertainment. Many websites that ranks below 4 are often seen to appear in the first place of the SERP but websites with page rank 6 simply seen struggling in the 5th page.

So, what really matters and worth fighting for is the placement and not the page rank. If your content are well managed and siloed that can quench the search engine’s users need than your website has high possibility of ranking on the first page then those who stand with better page rank but poor content quality.

link_exchangeTherefore, I would always suggest everyone to launch a link exchange campaign base on your best judgment but not just refereeing the Google’s entertainment value. If you are skilled with SEO techniques than there are many ways to determine the quality and if you are not than simply going through the content of the website, some meta tags and title parts, link partners and looking at the silo they practice for their content can truly help you understand the websites quality and judge whether it’s worth linking to or not.

Google Priorities over Links in Websites:

  • Link Exchange with Similar Theme:

Links are valuable asset of your website and one strong factor for Google and search engines to judge you. So, it is always better to link with those websites that has at least something in common with your website. Linking to similar theme website can only help you gain quality link support but it will also make your visitors and clients to worth clicking those links. For instance, your website is about Fender guitar but you are linking to a casino website than there is no relevancy and clicking and crawling those links makes no sense for your users and Google but if you link to a website that sells amplifiers then it is lot more relevant then a casino site.

  • Testimonial Links:

One of the best quality links that Google adores is the testimonial link. Testimonial links that appears in the text content inside the paragraph that speaks about keywords and relevant information’s with a suitable anchor text on it. For instance, you own a website that sells Fender Guitars and some other website that links to your website from its informative content within the paragraph with a better anchor text that suits your website theme than such links are of high value. Testimonial links are considered to be the whole lot of link equity and the best one you can get.


So, what really matters and worth fighting for is the placement and not the page rank. If your content are well managed and siloed that can quench the search engine’s users need than your website has high possibility of ranking on the first page then those who stand with better page rank but poor content In the picture above, the link Data Recovery is a testimonial link from the content paragraph.

  • ccTLD Link Exchange:

ccTld links means country code top level domain links and such links are extremely valued if your website is hosted from some other place but you run your website from some other part of the globe. For instance, you run your Guitar website from US but your Guitar site is at Australia and your website is hosted from Australian server.

In such case, it is very necessary to have links from your own place with the country code. If not all then make at least try to make some. It really helps your website to achieve better ranking and placement in search engines and using such links can make your website trustworthy for your visitors. Example: Your website from Australian server than you need some good links from URL like:

  • Linking with .edu and .gov websites:

I still remember back in year 98-99 my SEO master told me that linking to websites with .edu and .gov makes no sense and its better not to link request with them. But, time has changed and so the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ways. Today, linking to these websites are highly honored by Google and search engines because it is one of those links that are very hard to obtain and are purely kind of educational and research oriented which is one of the major factor why Google loves such websites rather than sells promoting one. Such top-level domains are considered highly authoritative and passes message to Search Engines that your affiliation has something better in it. So, if you can then it’s better to grab some links from such websites.

I strongly suggest you to make your best judgment for link exchange and avoid all the flaws like buying and selling links or linking to unrelated websites. A healthy link exchange program with a well managed content and SEO optimized website can truly help your placement and ranking in long run.

Author: Kiran Bista. Image Source: I & II