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How to Encourage Visitors and Readers to Subscribe Your Blog?   Leave a comment

Usually, when a blogger steps in his blog with his first post, he wants more and more people to see his post and wants them to contribute their comments. At that moment his entire focus is the traffic and soon as he realizes that it takes some efforts and SEO strategies than he goes for everything that is within his reach. However, in couple of months the realizes the ultimate truth that beside having thousands of visitors in his blog, there is one more thing that is more important and determines the actual worth of his blog and it’s his “Blog Subscribers”.

Blog subscribers are the actual treasure of the blog and the real value of the blogger’s effort. Although, I don’t mean to say that traffic is less important, but rather than having thousands of visitors with zero subscribers it is always better to have thirty visitors a day with hundred subscribers in a week. Thus, your blog subscriber rate determines the quality of your content and how informative it is for your readers.

Therefore, in this post I will be sharing some important tips that can help encourage your blog visitors and readers to subscribe. However, the content of your blog and the information you share must be very unique and highly beneficial for your readers, as it is the strongest reason why anyone subscribe to your blog.

How to Encourage Visitors and Readers to Subscribe Your Blog?

RSS Icon:

Your RSS icon is the only thing that can give your blog visitors and readers the opportunity to subscribe your blog. Although, many blogs have the email subscription option, but RSS is one that is easy and highly preferred by visitors because it is less time consuming and can be done with clicks on your mouse. However, many bloggers simply ignores this treasure and are less concerned about its proper placement that later becomes one strong reason for not having better subscribers even after posting hundreds of great posts.

Hence, place your RSS where your blog visitors find it easy and attention grabbing; it can be above the fold of your blog or even in the header section. You can even use highlighting colors for your RSS so that your readers will not miss the spot. Furthermore, it is also impressive to use medium size RSS rather than using smaller ones because using medium size RSS simply encourages your visitors to subscribe.

Subscription Process:

It is very essential to have a short subscription procedure and should be two or three clicks subscription route. Making your subscription procedure long and making readers to fill unnecessary forms, highly discourages your readers and they are more likely to quit in the middle. I have also notice in some blog where the RSS process includes a small usability testing. Although, RSS is one key place where visitors are more likely to click and bloggers might think it is a good place for usability testing too, but it is not. Practicing such in your blog can simply annoy your readers and you will be losing quality subscribers from your blog.

Being Active:

Blogging and sharing your information sitting at the corner of your blog is the laziest and hardest way to achieve traffic and subscribers. Thus, it is essential for bloggers to participate in reputed forums in their niche and share ideas; it is also one strong traffic source to your blog. Participating in forums and even making comments in other blogs of your niche helps other bloggers to know about your blog and they can simply share your content in their blog, this generates quality traffic and eventually leads for higher subscription of your blog.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is another quality source of gaining higher subscriptions in your blog. Although, guest blogging might not be that easy because often you have meet the bloggers writing skill level and the content you pass should be informative. However, submitting some of your best content can widely help you to grab the attention of the mass on your niche. Guest blogging is an effective way to demonstrate your writing skills and share your ideas to drive huge traffic to your blog and make them subscribe. Hence, I highly recommend you to participate in SEO guest blogging ways which can also provide your with quality backlinks for gaining better search engine rankings.


E-books interest your searchers and often many visitors’ wants free e-books as it contains informative contents for readers. In the same way, bloggers have no trouble for creating e-books as they can simply add some new content and add some older posts of their blog that is highly informational and suits their reader’s needs. Thus, creating PDF e-book for your readers and visitors for subscribing your blog can be amazingly helpful to increase your number of blog subscribers. Such practice of free e-books distribution for subscribers have been done and proved beneficial for both bloggers and the subscribers. Hence, it is also one effective way to that should be practiced to drive huge traffic and enlarge your blog subscription.

Blog Content:

Your blog content is what makes your readers and blog visitors subscribe to your blog. So, no doubt your content should be very informative and with compelling content titles. Similarly, your blog design and provided links should also be sound because it gives your visitors a user-friendly environment that is essential. Nevertheless, one good reason to encourage your readers to subscribe to your blog is by making daily updates. Blogs with infrequent updates demoralizes the visitors to subscribe and it also hampers your blog visibility in SERP. Regular quality information source is where the information seekers are more likely to be interested and subscribe.

I hope the post was good enough to help you understand the necessity of RSS feeds position and blogger activeness for generating quality traffic to their blog and encourage them to subscribe. I will come with something else tomorrow foe you.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                   Image Source: I & II


How to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Websites and Blogs   5 comments


The only reason to hire a qualified SEO to optimize your online business is because you want traffic to your websites and blog. If the competition in an online business wouldn’t be so tough and if there were few online business companies then SEO would have never been a need of online business promotion and marketing. And we all are doing this because the need is one and that is the “Qualified Traffic” to sell our products and services.

Traffic is essential and the only reason why hundreds and thousands of dollars are invested for business promotion. But, driving traffic to your website is not always that expensive and sometimes even a simple work out can simply save your promotion budget.

Hence, here in this post I will be mentioning five tips for driving huge traffic to your website that even a layman can do and needs no SEO mind but of course alert mind is required.

  • Perform Keyword Research:

Keywords and key phrases are the building blocks of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but still it is the most hastily done SEO task. SEO’s are often found to hurry for implementing their ideas and publish their content with almost null keyword research and that is one reason why they often go through page rank and Google placement fluctuation. Even if you are blogging your daily post then I suggests you to implement necessary and crucial keywords so that your post won’t miss the possible traffic.

SEO today is not what it likes to be back in late 90’s where you need to think hard for possible keywords that visitors would use for the query because effective tools of SEO like Google Adwords and Wordtracker will produce all keywords that have been used by the traffic in the recent month. Hence, I suggest you to focus on your keywords research first and if possible use such SEO tools that are simply amazing for generating quality keywords and driving huge traffic to your page.

  • Compelling Content:

Content is the king and no matter what you write the main focus should be on creating something so qualitative that it simply compels your readers to share them in their circle and post them in their blog. Always write something different which simply makes you unique from other blogs or website because uniqueness will give you the attraction in your niche. Furthermore, readers are not the online wanderers but the real seekers so they need to quench their thirst of knowledge from your content. Hence, provide them with compelling content that has its necessary quality and simplicity so that they can understand what you are talking about and how things really work. Use your keywords and key phrases in your content but never copy anything from your competitors blog because copying will not provide you will better content or ranking but will surely push you in big trouble because duplicate content is one strong reason for search engines to ban your website or blog forever.

  • Optimize Your own Webpage:

Optimize your webpage with all the Do’s and Don’ts of SEO. Google and other major search engines when crawls your website they want your website to follow all the guidelines of SEO and thus monitoring your SEO work they determine your position and page ranks. Hence, optimizing your own website is very necessary and keeping your website or blog user friendly is the key. Search Engine’s motive is to provide their users with best result to satisfy their query and a better content with properly managed website which is also highly user friendly is what they love the most. So, optimizing your blog yet making it use friendly and search engine friendly by performing all the necessary SEO optimization is suggested.


  • Article Syndication:

Article syndication is an easy way to drive high quality traffic to your website and earn better focus from the search engines. Article syndication is simply writing an article about your services and products and then publishing them in various article directories so that visitors who will search for your product if not finds your website and blog then there is still possibility that these high ranking free article directories will drive them to your website with the link that you have provided in your article. Furthermore, the article syndications also makes Google and search engines spider crawl your website more often then usual so simply by publishing your one article in various article directories will provide you with high traffic and better search engine rankings.

  • Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking has become most and is one of the effective tool of SEO. Social bookmarking websites like: Digg and Twitter are widely used and highly SEO functioning websites. These websites are highly optimized and providing your links of your website or products and articles will give your website wide visibility in the social bookmarking network with frequent crawl from search engine itself.

Simply using social bookmarking website delivers you with huge and qualified traffic plus you will also be involved in new network with many other websites that falls under your niche which helps you to promote your business and easily create your own brand name.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                             Image Source: I & II