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List of 5 Best Free SEO tools for Search Engine Optimization   8 comments

We do not know the two hundred secrets of Google, but it absolutely does not mean that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a hunching and guessing game. However, if your SEO menu lacks the vertical column; obviously the SEO tools, than I do not think you are even closer to real SEO optimization. SEO tools are essential for making a logical optimization because even to follow a well-practiced optimization like using keyword rich anchor text and including keywords in title tags, we might find it easy at initial with some reference from SEO articles, but at the end SEO tools becomes crucial and best optimizing means to enhance our website ranking in SERP.

Thus, SEO tools rarely free and costs sometimes more than what we expected, and especially the small business organizations often find themselves in big trouble. Hence, in this post, I will include some of the best SEO tools that have prescribed by many professional SEOs and are Free!

List of 5 Best Free SEO tools for Search Engine Optimization:

Google Webmaster:

Google webmaster is a free SEO tools center for webmasters that provides huge information’s about your websites SEO health. All you need is a Gmail account to reach your SEO backbone. Google webmaster provides you all the information about the website’s backlinks, highly occurred keywords in your content with its variations, crawl errors, HTML suggestions and many more. If you are not aware about this amazing and free SEO tool than I think, you should rush now.


SEOmoz is one of the highly reputed SEO software developers in Search Engine Optimization community and it also offers free SEO services for users, but at some extent. SEOmoz requires nothing to use their free tools, but a little sign up process. SEOmoz offers varieties of SEO tools with huge information for optimization, from SEO toolbars to backlinks comparison of yours and competitors website.  However, SEOmoz does not list its every tool in free catalog. Hence, if you wish than you can even upgrade your account.

Open Site Explorer:

Open site explorer is a branch of SEOmoz and it is another effective SEO tool for checking your link popularity and analyzing backlinks. SEOmoz and Open site explorer being same at the root, it enables your access in both websites with same login information. Hence, you don’t have to login twice to use these amazing tools. Furthermore, open site explorer helps you to find out the keywords that your competitor use the most while building links, such information can be best tips for optimizing your
websites against your competitors in your niche.


Bruce Clay is one of the respected figures in the SEO niche and he is also the author of a book called “Search Engine Optimization for Dummies”.  If you want to read and learn something good on SEO than I think this book should do well for you. Besides, if you are looking for a free SEO tool that has no hassle of signing up and allows instant result than Bruce Clay website SEOtoolset can be your ultimate. His website offers free SEO tools focused for both professionals and amateurs because you can even find a tool that helps you generate the source code of any webpage.


If SEOtoolset didn’t satisfied your hunger and you are wondering for any other free SEO tool that needs no signup and can have a trouble free access than I think Alexa can meet your need. Alexa offers great information about websites by simply searching your desired website in the search box and clicking details tab, it can generate you the bouncing rate of the website, top search queries, site backlinks etc. However, if you want to audit your website using this SEO tool than you have to pull little cash from your wallet.

I hope the post on free SEO tools was helpful to all my readers. Will come with something new and better in our next post.

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