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6 Essential Google Adwords Tips for Beginners.   2 comments

Google Adwords is one highly recommended SEO tool for generating quality traffic to your website and boost your online businesses. And it is also one complicated experimental tool that needs proper tests to determine the best result. However, for new users of Google Adwords it might be confusing and often a waste of money because they simply fail to get the most out of this amazing tool and often end up losing money, time and traffic at the same time. Hence, in this post, I will be mentioning about some wise practices of Google Adwords for beginners and those who wants the best results out of this amazing SEO tool.


  • Target Your Audience:

Targeting the right audience is one effective way to utilize your Adwords campaign for greater success. Thus, target your campaign by selecting the appropriate region and language. For instance, targeting your Ads among those audiences who do not understand English is always a bad idea. Similarly, you can also avoid those regions where your ads are not much welcome, like advertising Western wedding dresses in eastern regions—you are hardly going make any sales.

  • Using Keywords:

Keyword plays a crucial role in the success of your campaign. Using broad keywords can lead to campaign failure, especially if you are new to Adwords. Hence, optimizing your ads with relevant keywords that exactly defines your product and the searchers is highly recommended to employ. For instance, if your keyword is wedding dress than your ad is likely to pop out any time when searchers uses the keyword in any order. Although, it might be helpful for huge organizations and experienced ones, but it is not to be practiced if you are new to Google Ads.

  • Testing:

Testing is one effective way to trace your important keywords that can help you generate quality clickers. Thus, it should be done simultaneously and performed regularly. Use at least two ads simultaneously which is also known as A/B split testing. It helps you to determine in which ad you get the quality traffic and helps you to omit the use of unfertile ads. A/B split testing should be performed regularly, as it is the key for tracing the best ad that suits your products and services.

  • Including Ads with Keywords:

Always include your targeted keywords in your ads by placing them in the title and description. When your searchers scan the result, your keywords are highlighted which helps to drive the attention of your users. Such ads with included keywords in the title and the description are more likely to earn quality traffic and ROI. Furthermore, it is also highly suggested to include words that excite the searchers. For instance, using “Free” “Sale” “Discounts” etc motivates your users to visit you.

  • Cut and Paste Words:

Words or the sentences that help you to define your business, which outstand you from your compititors, should be included. Such tag lines can sometime work more than your targeted keywords. For instance, Amazon includes the “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore”, it simply gives searchers a reason to click. Using such taglines or USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is an effective method to boost your Adwords campaign. Furthermore, avoid using stop words that simply dilutes your ads like on, in, at, a, etc.

  • Optimize Your Landing Page:

Your Adwords campaign is highly interlinked with your landing page and optimizing your campaign is very essential. When your drive searchers from your ads to your landing page, it is extremely important to have an optimized and highly relevant page that gives the perfect impression to your visitors. The main goal of Google Adwords is to drive quality traffic to your website and if you fail because of poor landing page than your entire campaign is in loss. Thus, optimize your page with necessary information for visitors and provide them with links to keep them busy with their needs.

Author: Kiran Bista.